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Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy surgery is a popular medical procedure used for treatment of knee injuries. There are many diseases of the knee, which may cause pain or functional problems that do not require knee replacement surgery. Knee arthroscopy (using a scope to examine the knee) procedure diagnoses and removes or repairs damaged tissues.

Knee Arthroscopy surgery is performed through a small incision into joint rather than operating the joint fully opened up. Knee arthroscopic surgery can fix several knee related problems such as torn tissues, ligament tear and bone wear. Knee Arthroscopy Surgery ranges from minor procedures such as ligament repair, bone surface smoothening to severe injuries which require knee alignment or tissue grafting.

Reasons for Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

  • tears of the meniscus cartilage
  • damage to the articular (lining) cartilage of the joint
  • to find any lose bodies within the knee
  • to identify and examine the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments
  • to assess the synovium (lining membrane) of the knee joint
  • to examine the patello-femoral (knee cap) joint, as well as the dynamic motion of the patello-femoral joint, to assess if there are any tracking abnormalities or malalignment.

Post-Surgery Care

Knee arthroscopy surgery is a simple procedure, though lack of proper care can lead to complications. Immediately after surgery you will receive medication to prevent blood clotting in the knee joint.

You can expect to return to normal activities in 2-3 weeks of time. It is recommended to use crutches until the knee heals completely to avoid excessive pressure on the joint. Some people prefer to have their complete post operative rehabilitation in Mexico where its is cheaper as compared to US.

To hear about the experiences of MedToGo International clients who have undergone Knee arthroscopy surgery, please visit our testimonials page.

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