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Candace Smith - Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Testimonial

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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery – Any negative notions you may have about how medicine is practiced in Mexico will quickly dissolve when you meet Dr. Ceballos, and you will immediately feel a sense of calmness and peace in his presence. The fact is, he could open up a practice anywhere in the world, and within months, the chosen city would regard him as their very own golden boy with the magic touch.

For example, were he to set up a practice in Beverly Hills, California, I suspect the celebrities of the area would soon be flocking to him in droves. On the other hand, he could set up an office in upper Manhattan, and the city’s socialites would soon be filling up his waiting room.

However Dr. Ceballos and his wife wanted to raise their children near family and friends, and that meant setting up his practice in Guadalajara, Mexico. Luckily he has a ‘state of the art’ hospital at his disposal, and a crack operating room staff at his beck and call. As a result, Dr. Ceballos has a strong international clientele, who are more than eager to fly to Mexico to seek his services.

If you should decide to seek the service of Dr. Ceballos, there are a few things that you should understand about his approach to plastic and aesthetic surgery. First and foremost, he does not believe in taking unnecessary risks.

He is always completely thorough in his patients’ work-ups. And although he always has the patient’s happiness in mind, he will never risk their health or well being in the operating room. Dr. Ceballos is very methodical, and admits to being obsessive and a perfectionist. If he doesn’t think you are a good candidate for a particular procedure, he will tell you straight out, but then he will always explain his reasoning.

Secondly, you should be prepared to follow his postoperative orders. Thirdly, Dr. Ceballos is known for his amazing kindness and generosity of spirit. The people who regularly work with him say that he treats all of his patients in this same manner.

It is the combination of all of these qualities that allow me, the journalist to nominate Dr. Ceballos for our “Best of the Best” list. To anyone who is looking to work with an outstanding plastic surgeon, I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Allan Ceballos.

Candace Smith had plastic surgery with Dr. Ceballos March 24, 2011. She is a journalist specializing in health, fitness, and beauty. 5 highly qualified and diverse women, who bring their experience, expertise and rolladex to the project, are putting the “Best of the Best” list together. The list will be published in an upcoming book that strives to provide “Best of the Best” information to women who want positive outcomes in their lives.

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