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Cory Lyons - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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Cory Lyons - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

I injured my hip when I was 14 yrs old and am now 44 yrs old. I finally had enough of the Canadian specialists refusing me surgery due to my age, even though x-rays clearly showed I was a candidate for a total hip replacement. I was tired of living in pain every day from the osteoarthritis in my hip so I got on the internet and through research found MedToGo and Robert Page. Through email and phone conversations we had I was confident that I found the right place. Robert was extremely helpful through the whole process, even lined up a call with Dr Max Greig. During the call my questions were answered and found them both very easy to talk to. It was time to book! Robert offered extensive help through email articles on hip replacement to booking hotels in Puerto Vallarta as well as providing me with an Insurance agency that saved me half of what I was going to pay originally with even greater coverage, MedToGo really does do it all.

When my wife and I arrived in Puerto Vallarta we were looked after immediately after getting off the plane. Transportation was arranged to get us to our hotel without an issue. Transportation was arranged to take us from the hotel to the hospital for consultation, during this time we were still a little nervous as this experience was all new to us. We arrived at the hotel and met Dr Max Greig and without exaggeration we were feeling comfortable and confident within minutes of meeting the Dr. Dr Max is the most personable Dr we had ever met, so easy to talk to and willing to answer questions, even explaining my hip issues more than I had ever heard in Canada. We were taken on a tour of the hospital by him which was amazing, the cleanliness of the hospital and friendliness of the entire staff was amazing and again reassuring my wife and me we made the right decision. The next day was my surgery and I cannot say enough for Dr Max and the staff at the hospital. Once I was back at the hotel a Physio Therapist came to the hotel room daily for treatment, Dr Max came to our room both times to change the dressing and spend time for conversation, you do not get that in Canada!! Once we got back home in Alberta both Robert Page and Dr Max have been in contact. I am now 5 weeks after my surgery and am still in awe of the treatment from MedToGo and Dr Max Greig, I have less pain in my hip after week one then I had prior to the surgery. I tell everyone about the incredible experience I had and only wish I would have found MedToGo sooner!

Please know the extreme gratitude my wife and I have for this great team as you guys have changed my life for the better and then some. Thank you again and again!

Cory Lyons

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MedToGo International is a wonderful company to work with. they will book everything for you or whichever part you want. Also, they will tell you which is the best country for which type of surgery you are needing. They keep in touch long after your procedure to make sure all is going well. I hope to have at least one more procedure if my health is up to it. This factor added to my secure feelings with them for they will not do a surgery if they feel there are any doubts on the out come. This gave me even more confidence that they aren’t just money hungry.

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