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Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are an effective solution for missing teeth. It is common for people to lose teeth and a gap in the smile can have a negative effect on the aesthetics of the smile, also affecting the ability to eat and communicate. Having a tooth gap can also cause you to lose confidence in your appearance and this may have an impact on the way you behave in social situations. Dental bridges Costa Rica are designed to fill the vacant gap, improving the look of the smile and restoring full function to teeth and gums.

Types of dental bridges

There are different types of dental bridge and the type you require will generally depend on the health and strength of your remaining teeth and the location of the gap. In most cases a traditional fixed bridge is used, which is made from a false tooth known as pontic fused to two crowns and it cannot be removed. Other types of dental bridge include a Maryland bridge and cantilever bridge. A Maryland bridge is usually used when the gap is at the front of the mouth and the surrounding teeth are healthy. A cantilever bridge is chosen when healthy teeth are present on only one side of the gap, rather than both.

Benefits of dental bridges

Dental bridges are highly beneficial for people who have missing teeth, as they help to boost confidence by improving the aesthetic appeal of the smile and enable people to speak clearly and eat properly. The procedure to fit a dental bridge is relatively uncomplicated and painless and the bridge can be designed to blend in with the natural teeth – nobody will even be able to see your new tooth restoration when you smile.

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