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Diabetic Health Check Up

Diabetic Health Check Up

• Internist Assessment
• Nutritional Assessment
• Ophthalmological Evaluation
• Blood Chemistry Test (28 Elements)
• General Urine Test
• Full Hemogram
PSA or Papanicolau
• Creatinine clearance and urine albumin in 24 hrs. and microalbuminuria
• Insulin fasting and 2 hours postprandial
• Hg glycosylated
• PT, PTT and bleeding time
• Fibrinogen and CRP serum high sensitivity
• Testosterone (men)
• Full abdominal ultrasound
• Breast or Prostate ultrasound
• Electrocardiogram (EKG)
• Stress Test
• Respiratory function Test

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Dear Robert,

Once again you came through for me. Thank you very much and pass my thanks again to Doctor Joya. What a brilliant man you have on your team.

As a gesture of my appreciation I will give you my phone number and feel free to pass it along to any of your future clients. I would be glad to share my experience. 715 209 7268

So long for now my friend, we will keep in touch.

Tim Sullivan

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Tim Sullivan - Inguinal Hernia Testimonial