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Henry Parecki - Hip Replacement Surgery Testimonial

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Hip Replacement Surgery – Hi my name is Henry Parecki, I am a patient of MedToGo International. I went down to Hermosillo, Mexico to have a Hip Replacement surgery done with Dr. Merida and I could not believe the great experience I had down there in Mexico.

The nursing staff, the doctors, even the hotel they were all very professional. I did not have a language barrier problem, they always had somebody with them that spoke English that could help out if you needed it.

The cost of my Hip Replacement Surgery including the hotel, transportation and the doctors was under $18,000. If I needed another surgery I would not hesitate at all to go down to Mexico to have it done. I am pain free and I would do it again tomorrow.

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Rickie Redland – Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Testimonial using MedToGo as my Medical Travel Facilitator

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Rickie Redland - Knee Arthroscopy Surgery Testimonial