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How We Select Our Surgeons

While we have made it our mission to carefully select the most qualified and experienced physicians in Mexico and Costa Rica, we leave the final decision in the hands of the patient. You will have options. With detailed profiles of physicians and medical facilities, you will have all the essential information you need to make informed decisions.

MedToGo Guidelines for Surgeon Selection

1) Our physicians meet and hold personal interviews with all Mexican physicians.
2) We verify the doctor’s educational experience and credentials, including board certification and licensing.
3) We request and check professional references and assess a doctor’s local reputation through various professional and personal resources.
4) Doctors must be in good standing with their community and hospitals. There must be no history of current or repeated legal malpractice.
5) We review physician resumés and give preference to physicians who have been consistent with continuing medical education, who are active in their medical societies and who have been entrusted with leadership roles within their institutions.
6) We want our patients to have the best possible outcomes. When it comes to patient referral here in the US, MedToGo’s physician/owners refer to the best physicians in the Phoenix area, be it surgeons at the Mayo Clinic, Barrow’s Nuerological Institute or the best in our local community. When it comes to selecting surgeons, we look for the best possible care in the country. After 14 years of mapping Mexico’s and Costa Rica’s healthcare systems, we are very confident in the surgeons that represent our program.

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At the height of my obesity (around age 18) I was 313 pounds. My weight fluctuated but my average was about 290. A little over a year ago I got fed up with the struggle and decided to make a major life change with gastric sleeve surgery through MedToGo and Dr. Joya and couldn’t be happier with the results.

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