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Patients traveling to Mexico or Costa Rica should consider the following options:

Complication Insurance:
If you are having surgery outside of the country, your home country insurance is unlikely to cover a complication. It is advised you purchase a complication insurance policy. One qualified US company offering this policy is GPS – Global Protective Sollutions.

Additionally another policy that covers select facilities in our program, please contact 7 Novamar Complication and Additional Expenses Insurance. Novamar insurance covers both complications and additional unplanned expenses. You can also phone Antonio Trejo at +1949-424-8263 ext 130.

Travel Health Insurance:
Travel Gap – This is a short-term international travel medical plan for leisure, educational, missionary or business travel. Covers up to 6 months.

Liaison International1-36 months of medical, evacuation and repatriation for individuals and families traveling outside their home country. No country restrictions and you have the freedome to choose any doctor or hospital. Guaranteed issue, apply today and print your ID cards. Optional hazardous sports and scuba diving coverage.

Car Insurance for Mexico:
Mexico Car Insurance If you plan to drive your US or Canadian car into Mexico, your domestic insurance will not cover you. To learn more about driving in Mexico, please read the following: Driving in Mexico.

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My bi-lateral shoulder surgery was nothing short of a huge success. I had had a previous arthroscopic surgery in 2010 on my left shoulder that took 2 years to heal and still had pain. Dr. Max evaluated that shoulder in May of 2014 (7 other orthopedics said it would have to be sacrificed as it was too far gone) and felt that he could repair it with probable outcome close to normal.
I have been pain free since about two days after the surgery.

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