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Kidney Transplant

We provide access to affordable kidney transplant surgery at top tier hospitals with U.S. trained surgeons for patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) who have identified a related living donor. Our transplant coordinators can also help you with the donor identification and matching process.

The advantages of getting surgery in Mexico or Costa Rica are much lower costs than in the US and shorter waiting times to schedule the transplant surgery. Our objective is that you receive an equivalent evaluation, treatment and follow up program based on US medicine at a fraction of the cost.

Our world-class facilities are at the same level as US hospitals and all of our surgeons have completed training in either the U.S. or Europe.

Please contact us today to receive more information or visit the MedToGo Kidney Transplant Page

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My name is Suzie Pozo, and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. On June 11th I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I did the Sleeve surgery with Dr. Joya. It’s been almost 4 months ago that I went to do this wonderful surgery, and to tell you the truth now I have another life. The comments I receive daily, it’s just amazing. My self esteem is all the way up to heaven. I feel great.

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Suzie Pozo - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial