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Mark Flatebo - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

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Mark Flatebo: I’m Mark Flatebo and this is my wife, Marcia Flatebo, and we’re from Las Vegas, NV. I had a full hip replacement from Dr. Max Greig.

Marcia Flatebo: He was fabulous. I’m just thrilled to death with the work he did, the staff and the whole experience. This is something he’s needed done for at least 15-18 years, and we just couldn’t afford it. I started doing some research and found MedToGo. I went on the internet to find anything and everything I could. I went to Better Business Bureau. I could find absolutely nothing wrong with the company, or the doctor, or anything bad, negative in any way, shape or form.

And that’s when I told Mark, “ok Mark, if you go to Mexico, you can get the surgery and get it done for less than half of what it would cost in the states.” and he said “ok”. And so here we are, he’s had the surgery, and all I can say is if this video is gonna make a difference in any way, shape, or form for anybody to make a decision to come down to Mexico, using MedToGo, do it. Do it.

The hospital staff and the cleanliness of the hospital are impeccable. I think you could have eaten of the floors. They were just so pristine. The staff was absolutely fabulous. I can’t say enough good. He could not have gotten the care in the States that he has gotten down here in Mexico. MedToGo will provide the service of finding a place to stay, and they will also arrange your tickets along with all the other stuff that they arrange for, including picking you up at the airport, taking you back to the airport, taking you to and from the hospital whenever you have to go. The difference between the care down here and the care in the States is so much different. And it’s been caring, where back there it’s more like you’re cattle being herded in and herded out, where you just doing feel that way down here. You know they really take the time, they’re very into their work, very dedicated. They’re very, very dedicated.

I couldn’t ask for a better experience. This has been one of the best experiences. I would much rather come down here and to have any kind of medical done. We used MedToGo. I gave them my kudos, thumbs up, because if it hadn’t have been for them, Mark wouldn’t be able to lead the quality of life that he’s going to be able to lead in the future.

6 months post-op:
It has been 6 months since Marks hip surgery! He is doing great, better than ever! We want to thank you for your services in directing us to such a terrific surgeon and staff in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. Dr. Max Greig works miracles. He has Mark back on his feet, and enjoying life pain free! (YEA!) We cannot thank you enough for the services MedToGo offers for people in our situation. We tell everyone MedToGo made our dreams come true. MedToGo is definitely the WayToGo!
If you ever get to Las Vegas, give us a call so we can thank you in person.


Mark and Marcia

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My name is Cassandra, I am 41 years old and I live in San Diego. I came to Puerto Vallarta to have a total hip replacement with Dr. Max Greig. My closest family knew how badly I needed the surgery and in a timely matter and they pitched in to help get me down here and some of them came with me. Some of my more distant relatives had some concerns about my safety in Mexico and that has not been an issue at all.

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Cassandra S. - Total Hip Replacement Testimonial