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Master Health Check Up

Master Health Check Up

• Internist Assessment
• Blood Chemistry Test (28 Elements)
• General Urine Test
• Microalbuminuria
• Full Hemogram
• Stool Test
• CA 19.9
• Fibrinogen
• Phosphorus
• Hepatitis A,B AND C Test
• Homocysteine
• Magnesium
• High sensitivity C protein
• Gastroenterologist assessment
• Fecal occult blood
• Full abdominal ultrasound
CAT of chest and abdomen with contrast
CAT of skull without contrast
• Chest teleradiography
• Electrocardiogram (EKG)
• Stress Test
• Respiratory Function Test
• Dental Assessment
• Ophthalmology Evaluation
• Nutrition Assessment
• Endoscopy
• Colonoscopy

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At the height of my obesity (around age 18) I was 313 pounds. My weight fluctuated but my average was about 290. A little over a year ago I got fed up with the struggle and decided to make a major life change with gastric sleeve surgery through MedToGo and Dr. Joya and couldn’t be happier with the results.

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Lee Harris - Gastric Sleeve Testimonial