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Metabolic Gastric Bypass

Metabolic and bariatric surgery currently provides one of the most effective therapies for diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, asthma, acid reflux, infertility and high cholesterol.

Obesity-Related Health Conditions: Average % of Improvement following Surgery

Following successful weight loss surgery most patients will experience, greater than or equal to, the following percentage of improvement:

• Diabetes: Resolved in 77% and improved in 86%.
• High cholesterol: Improved in 70%.
• High blood pressure: Resolved in 62% and improved in 79%.
• Sleep apnea: Resolved in 86% and improved in 84%.
• 40% reduction in death rate from all causes

Patients who have had obesity surgery benefit in many other ways:

• Improved quality of life
• Improved psychiatric well being
• Decreased cost of medications

The overwhelming evidence is in favor of obesity surgery when non-surgical methods have failed to achieve weight loss. If you have decided that obesity surgery is right for you and you do not have adequate insurance coverage and you do not have the financial means to have surgery where you live, consider having your surgery done by a qualified surgeon in a safe hospital overseas.

Although morbid obesity is defined as being approximately 100 pounds or more above ideal body weight, it remains a complex chronic disease that is poorly understood by most people. This level of obesity is referred to as “morbid” because of its life threatening affect on virtually every bodily organ, not to mention the often disabling social and psychological consequences. In addition to pounds over weight, the degree of obesity is also measured by body mass index (BMI).

Because this disease severely limits quality of life and increases risk for premature death, the National Institutes of Health convened to discuss surgical approaches for obesity and reported, “the benefits outweigh the risk.” During this consensus, the National Institutes of Health report concluded that “diets, exercise programs, appetite suppressants and behavior modifications are not effective therapies for the morbidly obese person”. In addition, this medical panel reported that a more aggressive approach is reasonable in those strongly desiring substantial weight loss and have life-threatening, co-morbid conditions.


Baptist Hospital Weight Loss Center

Curtis Page, M.D.

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