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Pulmonary Health Check Up

Pulmonary Health Check Up

• Internist Assessment
• Pulmonologist Assessment
• Blood Quemistry Test (4 Elements)
• General Urine Test
• Full Hemogram
• Lipids profile
• Serum electrolytes
• TP, TPT and bleeding time
• Immunoglobulin E
• Sputum and throat culture with antibiogram
• Smears for fungi search
• Teleradiography PA chest and right lat
• Electrocardiogram (EKG)
• Respiratory Function Test
• Pulse oximetry

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I’m Lee Ann Weaver from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I came down for a total knee replacement. I decided to look into medical tourism when I found out what it was going to cost in the States. We’re self employed, and our insurance for the last 8 or 9 years, we had the same policy, the rates kept going up, and we had to keep adjusting the deductibles went up also. And we couldn’t go anywhere else because I had knee surgery earlier, and it was a pre-existing condition, so I couldn’t find another carrier.

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LeAnn Weaver - Total Knee Replacement Testimonial