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R.C. - Rotator Cuff Surgery Testimonial

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R.C. - Rotator Cuff Surgery Testimonial

My bi-lateral shoulder surgery was nothing short of a huge success. I had had a previous arthroscopic surgery in 2010 on my left shoulder that took 2 years to heal and still had pain. Dr. Max evaluated that shoulder in May of 2014 (7 other orthopedics said it would have to be sacrificed as it was too far gone) and felt that he could repair it with probable outcome close to normal.

I have been pain free since about two days after the surgery. Both arms were done simultaneously which all of the other surgeons had advised against. By the second or third night I was able to sleep on my side (either one) with care. By the end of the second week I only required intermittent usage of the sling on my left arm as that was the shoulder that was completely avulsed from the bone. My right shoulder did not require a sling but from time to time I would rest it on the left arm when walking for long periods during the first week or two.

At week five I am not only completely pain free but I have complete function of both arms barring the need to continue physical therapy that I have been doing myself. Given that I exercise at the gym regularly, I will return to PV to get another PRP shot in the next month or so to insure maximum strength in my left shoulder attachment tendon area as the weights I lift are considerable.

Aside from repetitive trauma exacerbated by an acute injury in 2013, I had bone spurs on both humorous heads that were also removed during surgery.

As for the hospital, it was very clean, the people were competent and the food was considerably better quality that most other hospitals. They did make things to my request but I wasn’t there but a day. The only real pain I experienced was within the first 24-48 hours following surgery—nothing like the horrific experience of my first operation relative to pain.

The price of the operation was a fraction of what was asked for in the States and the outcome compared to everyone I know who has had this sort of surgery is far better so far. I would recommend Dr. Max Greig to anyone considering any sort of spinal or extremity operation. He is both caring and knowledgeable and certainly has the skills and patience to match.

I can’t say enough great things about my experience although I am not a fan of Puerto Vallarta in general (personal preference). Generally safe, typical Mexican sea town area and destination for many expatriates.

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Richard Quinn, patient testimonial for medical tourism rotator cuff surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with orthopedic surgeon, Max Greig – coordinated by MedToGo.

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Richard Quinn - Rotator Cuff Surgery and Executive Medical Exam Testimonial