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Scott Manard - Inguinal Hernia and Dental Testimonial

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I was looking for an affordable inguinal hernia surgery, and I came across medtogo.com browsing Internet sites. I made contact with Robert, and from the first conversation I felt comfortable. He quoted me a price, which was more than half off other quotes I was able to find. I was a little nervous about having to pay for the services upfront, having never met Robert personally. I did my homework, and checked with the Better Business Bureau, I found links to YouTube testimonials, and newscast clips from major broadcast networks. I was happy to learn that Robert and his whole family are either Doctors themselves with a family practice in Arizona, or otherwise involved in the medical field. I found enough information to make me feel confident that I could trust him, so much so that I made a cash deposit into the MedToGo bank account. I was very pleased with the services I received, both Dr. Joya, who performed the surgery, the facilities, and Robert exceeded my expectations. I am one-month post op from inguinal hernia surgery, and i am healing perfectly, I am back to work, and having no problems at all.

I also elected to have my dental work done at the same time. Dr. Ignacio Gomez of Puerto Vallarta did an outstanding job on my teeth and also went above and beyond my expectations. He was able to take care of a missing molar, reshape a front tooth, and do a deep cleaning. None of these items were in the original quote; he just did it, at no extra cost to me. His facilities were very clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend MedToGo, and their services to anyone looking to save a lot of money on medical/dental needs.

Thank you,

Scott Manard

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My bi-lateral shoulder surgery was nothing short of a huge success. I had had a previous arthroscopic surgery in 2010 on my left shoulder that took 2 years to heal and still had pain. Dr. Max evaluated that shoulder in May of 2014 (7 other orthopedics said it would have to be sacrificed as it was too far gone) and felt that he could repair it with probable outcome close to normal.
I have been pain free since about two days after the surgery.

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